Blocked Sinks

Sinks can easily become blocked by a number of things, in the kitchen, it’s likely to be grease and food scraps, whereas in the bathroom it could be soap scum and a build-up of hair, even items that fall down accidentally, such as jewellery, keys or bottle tops.

Whatever the cause, a blocked sink can result in slow drainage, unpleasant smells and even leaks that could damage your home or business. That’s where spectacular drains can help, we will carry out an investigative survey to discover the cause of the blockage and have a number of methods at our disposal to ensure we clear the pipes in the most convenient and appropriate way.

It is essential that you have your sinks unblocked by an expert, especially if it happens regularly or you can’t find the cause. Our dedicated team here at spectacular drains will ensure the blockage is completely removed before leaving your property, reducing the chance of it happening again and will offer you professional advice about how to avoid similar problems in the future.

However, sometimes a sink blockage or slow drainage could be the first sign of a more serious problem deeper in your drainage system. So, it’s always best to call the experts here at spectacular drains to make sure your sink blockage is fully investigated.