Drain Lining

In most cases drains can be relined, this can be to seal defective leaking joints and fractures, also to seal joints where tree root growth may have been present. Here at Spectacular Plumbing & Drainage we have all the equipment to be able to carry out all types of lining. The only time mostly a drain cannot be relined is  when a drain has collapsed, which would then have to be excavated to repair. Please get in touch if you have an enquiry about drain lining, we have all the knowledge and experience to deal with all types of drain lining.


Patch Lining is used to repair a section of pipework where tree root ingress may have entered the drain or cracks have occurred or even a leaking joint. Sometimes most of the drainage system can be fine apart from a small section, which is where we would install a patch liner. In most cases can be very cost effective against having to excavate and repair.